The Connection unpacked

Students in disadvantaged areas are more likely to be unsuccessful at school.

Educators in these settings struggle to achieve outcomes that equip their students to thrive in the classroom and post-school life.

The Connection flips educational inequity and disempowered leadership on its head.

A strategic network of Australian educators, The Connection is a convened hub of leaders facing similar challenges who collaborate to improve the learning outcomes of their students collectively.

Simultaneously, we give leaders brilliant opportunities to amplify their capability, reignite their fire for education and contribute to systemic educational change.

Think educational leader training, but better.

A collaborative network, The Connection makes lifechanging impact for Australian children, educators and communities.

School Engagement & Support


How it works

The Connection is based on a theory of change.

When we improve collective capability of participants, we increase their ability to implement school improvement practices through the network.

Ultimately, we achieve better student outcomes.

School leaders and educators from each selected school are supported to:

  • Build networks and partnerships
  • Share knowledge
  • Develop solution-seeking mindsets
  • Learn about school-based improvement practices through events and novel approaches
  • Engage with convened events including Thought Leadership Gatherings, Hub Days and Connection International Explorations

Hub Days


Innovation and sharing of successes in excellence and equity is vital to ongoing progress for student learning. The Connection provides an extraordinary opportunity to share and contribute to approaches to improved learning and life outcomes for students.
NSW Educator

Who we help

Every young person deserves access to education.

Current focus hubs we support include:

  1. Regional, Rural and Remote – supporting school leaders in areas outside of metropolitan areas.
  2. Culturally Nourishing Schooling – building best practices to support First Nation students.
  3. Early Years Education – enabling successful transitions from early years to primary settings.
  4. Post-secondary Transitions – ensuring young people transition well from secondary to post-school life.
  5. Alumni Hub – supporting Alumni Connection schools.

Thought Leadership Gatherings

The Connection has been the highlight of my career. It has changed me as a leader and a teacher. I have a more positive impact on teaching and learning outcomes within my school. I have made connections and built relationships with leaders from other schools that I would not have otherwise. Thank you all for your hard work and support.
NSW Educator

Results that reset the future for students, teachers and communities.

The Connection is a distinctive, innovative model of collaboration and change backed by evidential research – see RMIT Evaluation here.

Here’s a broad snapshot.

Baseline Activities

Free flow of ideas

Our systems approach allows each school to benefit from innovations, new practices and effective strategies developed anywhere in the network.

Rapid innovation uptake

Effective practices are much more quickly developed, tested and adopted. Educators are aware of successful approaches faster through The Connection’s communication infrastructure and practices for sharing positive results.

Smoother change initiation

Schools prepare for and initiate change more seamlessly. Change is an ongoing way participating schools operate instead of a separate process outside of working norms.

Flourishing educators

Improved wellbeing, higher performance, positive mindset and boosted engagement are reported in participants over 12 months of evaluation:

I was a principal in my fourth year focusing on engagement and student agency when I joined The Connection. It’s an amazing organisation that connects like minded schools to make them even better. I feel comfort in a group of schools sharing common practice.
Principal, SA

91% of leaders involved surveyed stated they …

Acquired new knowledge of effective education practices

91% of leaders involved surveyed stated they …

Improved their knowledge and ability to make evidence informed decisions to drive change

95% of leaders involved surveyed stated they …

Implemented new effective pedagogical practices

90% of leaders involved surveyed stated they …

Found The Connection is important to build and sustain effective practices

71% of leaders involved surveyed stated they …

Report the quality of teaching has improved at their school

71% of leaders involved surveyed stated they …

Have increased capacity to effectively deliver the curriculum

Connection International Explorations

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