Brighter futures for children. Engaged educators. Truly empowered networks of educational leadership. Proven results that generate ripples of impact.

That’s what The Connection is all about. Every young person in Australia deserves an excellent education to thrive in life, work and community.

Collaborative educational leadership networks for big impact

Great work happens because good leaders and educators care.

The Connection brings the collective expertise of educational leaders together to build actions that solve our most wicked education challenges.

An initiative of Social Ventures Australia, The Connection amplifies your participation to give students a better education while:

  • Offering students agency in their learning from pre school to Year 12
  • Raising education standards
  • Boosting student self esteem, belief and confidence
  • Improving student retention and achievement
  • Increasing efficiency with pooled ideas, resources and research
  • Deepening leadership thinking about how to address education inequity.

2014 – 2023 Connection Schools Engagement


Our impact

Real change takes time. Since 2013, The Connection has been strategically networking education leaders to achieve groundbreaking results for students in regional and urban communities.

Case Studies

80 schools networked

75,000 students impacted

4200 leaders empowered

3 Australian states


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